Lourry Legarde




Lourry Legarde is a talented artist whose work encompasses a variety of mediums, from traditional oils to photography and digital paintings. Glowing with vibrant color and rich hues, her creations ring with emotion, while deftly capturing life's cherished moments.

Lourry began creating art at an early age and was always the designated artist even in grade school. " Art," she says, is something that's always been in me." Her techniques allow her to create awe-inspiring images that are products of her imagination and emotions. Also inspired by fellow craftsmen, she has fined tuned her personal style over the years.

Lourry's art is full of spontaneity, and she loves experimenting with various styles and techniques. Her work ranges from abstract and impressionism to realism, and varies depending on her frame of mind. She loves creating moody and dramatic scenes, believing the subliminal and magical qualities evoke strong emotional responses. She also enjoys rural landscapes, and when travelling keeps an eye out for farms and pastoral scenes. " I love barns and the old farm life settings, especially when coupled with autumn hues of red and gold."

Creating art is Lourry's passion. The complicated and sometimes arduous creative process, gives her great satisfaction. Lourry loves the competitive aspect of this business and also enjoys the financial rewards. " When my paintings speak to people and inspire them, that make me happy. And if someone likes my work well enough to purchase it, that's even better."

She produces her artwork in prints, canvas prints, metal prints and acrylic prints. Her prints are produced on high quality papers and canvases to prevent them from fading or losing color.
They come with an extra inch border to allow for future framing and matting. Her prints can be shipped within 3 to 4 business days. The customer receives the prints ready to hang. The canvas prints come with or without the frames, but they look beautiful either way.

Lourry Legarde also produces metal prints. Her artwork is basically printed in a sheet of thick aluminum and a wooden frame is attached together with a hanging wire to keep the artwork off the wall. Each one of the metal prints is applied a high gloss finish to bring out the rich colors of the artwork and produce amazing results.

Lourry has 250 different frames which can be used when producing her prints to create a masterpiece anyone would be proud to hang in their property. Lourry and her team will handle all the assembly, packaging and shipping required to get your beautiful artwork where you need it.

Lourry has partnered with Fine Art America to handle printing, framing, matting and all the other processes involved when a client makes an order. Being the leading printing companies in the world with more than 40 years in the business, Fine Art America have helped Lourry to deliver exceptional prints to clients. All you have to do is select your prints and choose the accessories you want them to have and then Fine Art will calculate the total costs of your order. Expect to have your prints within 1-5 days depending on your location. It's important for Lourry to ensure her clients orders are delivered on time because they come first.

Website: www.lourrylegarde.com

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Bountiful Bovine - Everton, Arkansas by Lourry Legarde


Shades Of Emotion by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Purple Abstract Art by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Turquoise Art by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Purple Art by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Purple Artwork by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Purple I - Blue and Purple Abstract Art by Lourry Legarde


Turquoise And Orange Art by Lourry Legarde


Turquoise and Purple Art by Lourry Legarde


Blue And Purple Art II by Lourry Legarde


Prairie Sunrise - Poppies Art by Lourry Legarde


Sunset Stride - Horses In The Wild Sepia painting by Lourry Legarde


Alone In The Range - Horse At Sunset by Lourry Legarde


Wild And Free - Horses Running In The Wild Art by Lourry Legarde


Dodge Daytona 392 TorRed Charger by Lourry Legarde


2018 Daytona 392 Charger by Lourry Legarde


Raging Beautiful - 2018 Daytona 392 Charger by Lourry Legarde


Sunset Showdown - Downtown Cityscape Art by Lourry Legarde


Lingering Memories Of The Past - Pastoral Artwork - Antique and Vintage Farm Equipment by Lourry Legarde


Splendor Of Love And Glory - Peacock Colorful Artwork by Lourry Legarde


Old But Stately -Old Barn Artwork by Lourry Legarde


Summer Interlude -Missouri Art by Lourry Legarde


Tranquility Cottages - Anglers White River Resort Arkansas - Mountain View, Arkansas by Lourry Legarde


Country Glow - Yellow And Gray Modern Artwork Paintings by Lourry Legarde


Winter Sun - Yellow And Gray Contemporary Art by Lourry Legarde


Refuge Of Tranquility - Refugio State Beach Park California Art by Lourry Legarde


Autumn Burst - Autumn Foliage Colorful Art by Lourry Legarde


Australian Shepherd Paintings by Lourry Legarde


Laguna Beach at Sunset by Lourry Legarde


Colorful Native American Woman by Lourry Legarde


Beaver Lake Impressionist - Beaver Lake Art by Lourry Legarde


Sunset At Torrey Pines by Lourry Legarde


Autumn At Beaver Lake -Beaver Lake Art by Lourry Legarde


Victory At Last - Cubs 2016 World Series Champions by Lourry Legarde


Solvang California Horse Drawn Wagon Art by Lourry Legarde


Walt Disney Concert Hall - Los Angeles Art by Lourry Legarde


Downtown Burbank Train Station - Downtown Burbank Art by Lourry Legarde


Alliums Flower Art - Purple And Gray Art by Lourry Legarde


Sunny Day - Yellow And Gray Tree Contemporary Art by Lourry Legarde


Green Revive- Pantone 2017 Color Of The Year by Lourry Legarde


Firtst Day Of Spring - Pantone 2017 Color Of The Year by Lourry Legarde


Downtown Louisville - Colorful Abstract Art by Lourry Legarde


Coherence - Black And White Modern Art by Lourry Legarde


Sunflower Frenzies - Yellow And Gray Modern Art by Lourry Legarde


Scarlet- Red And Turquoise Art by Lourry Legarde


Bold Colors Modern Abstract Art by Lourry Legarde


Horse Racing Abstract by Lourry Legarde


Meet Halfway - Teal and Gray Abstract Art by Lourry Legarde